Binary options – Various assets

For binary options trading are various attachments that are not traded in this system directly.They rather bet on this, whether its price will rise or fall. Currencies, in addition to raw materials to the top trade items. The investor has the option to bet on all available on the Forex currency pairs and their price movements.Commodities are especially challenging for experienced traders.

Especially in the past few months has shown how sensitive commodity prices on external factors, such as the crisis in the euro zone. The precious metals market was booming, while most investors retreated from riskier products. In addition to the trade in gold and silver, traders can also opt for oil and other commodities. Equities or equity indices are somewhat more something for the newcomers.

It is in this case on the underlying futures, as the Dow Jones or the Dax, or directly on the stocks of large companies.

The binary options trading

Actually, binary options are still a relatively new phenomenon in the market. Particularly for private investors this form of trading is not long possible. Yet it is hardly surpassed in popularity. Experienced traders and beginners can be inspired by the apparent simplicity of this system in action.

Moreover, the binary option is one of the most profitable investment opportunities, as investors per trade, income of up to 85 percent beckons.For private investors nowadays the easiest way is to enter the trade, to turn to brokers binary options online. It does not even require a large start-up capital in order to start trading. Some providers are already with a minimum deposit of only 100 euros in business.

If the option expired, it is whether they are “in the money” or “out of the money”. These two terms describe the two ways, whether you won or lost completely its use. Plays the fact not so important to how much the price has risen or fallen. If you set on falling prices and these are however higher, you lose.

A stipulated discharge date of the option, the investor agree and market makers determine whether the price of the underlying asset is above or below the targeted value and thus, whether the investor is successful or not.